shift1 W3 [ʃıft] v
2¦(change attention)¦
3¦(change opinion)¦
4 shift the blame/responsibility (onto somebody)
7¦(in a car)¦
[: Old English; Origin: sciftan 'to divide, arrange']
1.) ¦(MOVE)¦
a) [I and T]
to move from one place or position to another, or make something do this
Joe listened, shifting uncomfortably from one foot to another.
She shifted her gaze from me to Bobby.
b) [T] BrE informal to move something, especially by picking it up and carrying it
Give me a hand to shift these chairs.
to change a situation, discussion etc by giving special attention to one idea or subject instead of to a previous one
shift sth away/onto/from etc
The White House hopes to shift the media's attention away from foreign policy issues.
shifts attention/emphasis/focus
In this stage of a rape case, the focus often shifts onto the victim and her conduct.
shift gear
AmE (=change what you are doing)
It's hard to shift gear when you come home after a busy day at work.
3.) ¦(CHANGE OPINION)¦ [I and T]
if someone's opinions, beliefs etc shift, they change
Public opinion was beginning to shift to the right (=become more right-wing) .
shifting attitudes towards marriage
He refused to shift his ground (=change his opinion) .
4.) shift the blame/responsibility (onto sb)
to make someone else responsible for something, especially for something bad that has happened
It was a clear attempt to shift the responsibility for the crime onto the victim.
5.) ¦(COSTS/SPENDING)¦ [T always + adverb/preposition]
to change the way that money is paid or spent
the need to shift more resources towards reducing poverty
6.) ¦(DIRT/MARKS)¦ [T]
BrE to remove dirt or marks from a surface or piece of clothing
a new washing powder that will shift any stain
7.) ¦(IN A CAR)¦ [I and T]
especially American English to change the ↑gears when you are driving
British Equivalent: change
I shifted into second gear.
8.) ¦(SELL)¦ [T]
BrE informal to sell a product, especially a lot of it
The store shifted over 1,000 copies of the book last week.
shift 2
shift2 n
1.) a change in the way people think about something, in the way something is done etc
shift from/to
the shift from one type of economic system to another
shift in
an important shift in policy
a marked shift (=noticeable change) in attitudes towards women
a) if workers in a factory, hospital etc work shifts, they work for a particular period of time during the day or night, and are then replaced by others, so that there are always people working
do/work a (10/12/24 etc hour) shift
Dave had to work a 12-hour shift yesterday.
I work shifts.
night/day etc shift
The thought of working night shifts put her off becoming a nurse.
early/late shift
I'm on the early shift tomorrow.
shift work/worker/working
people who do shift work
A shift system has been introduced.
b) the workers who work during one of these periods
night/day/early/late shift
before the early shift goes off duty
3.) a ↑shift key
To run the spellchecker, press SHIFT and F7.
4.) a simple straight loose-fitting woman's dress

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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